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15. September 2019

Live Stream

The games will be streamed live on!

Furthermore the ORF will also stream a selection of games live on TV!

ORF SPORT+ Live: Sonntag, 15.09.19 von 11:55 – 14:50 Uhr und 17:00 – 18:00 Uhr
ORF SPORT+ Highlights: Sonntag von 21:45 – 23:00 Uhr
ORF-TVthek Live: Sonntag 11:55 – 18:00 Uhr

Congratulation to the MVPs!

Cecilia Jaques, Sogipa Porto Alegre (BRA)

Mateus Kuntzler, SG Novo Hamburgo (BRA)

Game Results

3:0 (11:9) (11:4) (11:8)
Clube Duque de Caxias vs TSV Jona

12:00, 15.09.2019

In the first game of the final day, the teams from Jona and Duque will face each other. Both teams start the game concentrated. After the score of 4:3 Duque can increase the lead to 10:3. However, Jona finds his way back into the game and fends off set point by set point. Finally Duque can close the bag at a score of 10:9. Set two starts similar to set one – a balanced game. The Brazilians can then improve and take the second set with 11:4. Duque starts like a pistol shot in the last set, and Jona makes too many unnecessary mistakes. After the score of 6:1, Jona can join again, but no longer turn the set. Duque wins the match 3:0 and is therefore third at the IFA World Tour Final 2019 in Salzburg.

3:2 (8:11) (13:11) (9:11) (11:8) (11:6)
Tigers Vöcklabruck vs Clube Duque de Caxias

13:15, 15.09.2019

With a full tribune, a true fistball thriller at the highest level develops in the second Bronze Medal game. The team from Duque was able to win the first set, characterized by spectacular defensive actions, precise passing and hard attacks. In the second set Vöcklabruck is a bit more consistent and wins with 13:11. Duque is more present again and raises to 2:1. In the fourth set Vöcklabruck reformats and balances again. Driven by the local fans, Vöcklabruck is the more consistent team in the decision set and wins the game for the bronze medal with deserved 3:2 in sets.

1:3 (8:11) (9:11) (11:8) (9:11)
Sogipa Porto Alegre vs TSV Dennach

14:30, 15.09.2019

TSV Dennach and Sogipa Porto Alegre face each other in the match for the women’s tournament victory. The first two sets are mostly balanced. In the final stages, however, TSV Dennach will play out their strengths and win each set.
Sogipa Porto Alegre is able to break away to 9:6 in the third set. A strong service from Isabella Lucchin’s at 10:7 gives the ladies of Sogipa Porto Alegre the set point. An as over the middle let TSV Dennach remains in the set. But Sogipa Porto Alegre doesn’t let the set be taken anymore and keeps the chance for her gold medal.

In the initial phase of the 4th set, Sogipa Porto Alegre was able to break away, but TSV Dennach finds his way back into the game and equalises at 6:6. Towards the end of the 4th set TSV Dennach is the more consistent team – TSV Dennach wins the women’s World Tour Final 2019!

0:3 (9:11) (4:11) (3:11)
SG Novo Hamburgo vs TSV Pfungstadt

16:00, 15.09.2019

In the first set the finalists SG Novo Hamburgo and TSV Pfungstadt meet at eye level. SG Novo Hamburgo takes the lead first, but is replaced by TSV Pfungstadt in the middle of the set. Pfungstadt extend the lead to the end of the set and can win with 11:9.
TSV Pfungstadt starts the second set strong and puts more pressure on SG Novo Hamburgo. This increased the error rate of the two attackers Bruno Arnolds and Gabriel Heck from SG Novo Hamburgo. TSV Pfungstadt, led by Patrick Thomas, took advantage of this opportunity and won the second set 11:4.
This clear set increases the unrest in the team of SG Novo Hamburgo which could not be alleviated.
The third set goes again clearly with 11:3 to the German champion TSV Pfungstadt.
We congratulate the new IFA Fistball World Tour Final Champion – TSV Pfungstadt!