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14. September 2019

Live Stream

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Game Results

3:0 (11:7) (11:4) (12:10)
TSV Jona vs TSV Calw

11:00, 14.09.2019

TSV Jona starts well into the first set and is able to do this until the end. The second set is won by TSV Jona with similar consistency. In the third set the teams are balanced. Stefanie Danegger shows her strength in the service and the Woman from Calw can achieve to stay in the game. In the end, however, the women of TSV Jona show their skills and can also make points due to defensive mistakes from TSV Calw.
The women from TSV Jona are thus promoted to the semi-finals!

0:3 (8:11) (8:11) (5:11)
SV Novo Hamburgo vs Sogipa Porto Alegre

11:00, 14.09.2019

Sogipa played out a small lead in the first two sets, which could not be caught up by Novo Hamburgo. In the 3rd set the error rate of Novo Hamburgo increased and Sogipa used this chance for a 3-0 victory. In the game for the final Sogipa plays against Clube Duque de Caxias.

0:3 (9:11) (5:11) (5:11)
STV Wigoltingen vs Tigers Vöcklabruck

12:15, 14.09.2019

Tigers Vöcklabruck can play out a lead of 9:6 in the first set. STV Wigoltingen can then catch up to 9:8 and a real fistball thriller develops until Karl Mühlehner closes the bag with a strong short ball.
Also in the second set, Tigers Vöcklabruck takes the lead and can even expand it to 9:4. Strong service and setbacks of Karl Mühlehner paired with a well standing defense result in a clear dominance of Tigers Vöcklabruck. Clear second set for Tigers Vöcklabruck 11:5.
STV Wigoltingen tried again and again to take Karl Mühlehner out of the game, but then Michael Feichtenschlager makes the defense of STV Wigoltingen look cold.
A perfect start from Tigers Vöcklabruck in the 3rd set – 4:0. Strong defensive actions on both sides but Tigers makes it – 11:5.
A canters victory of Tigers Vöcklabruck brings the direct entry into the semi-finals. Here Tigers Vöcklabruck meets Novo Hamburgo.

2:3 (11:7) (3:11) (4:11) (11:9) (6:11)
CCAA Rosario vs Clube Duque de Caxias

12:15, 14.09.2019

Duque started the match somewhat cautiously and clearly lost the first set. Set two brought a complete turn, the game seemed to be decided. At the score of 1:2, South American top football was played at eye level, with a happier end for Rosario. The decisive set was also balanced for a long time, but Duque was able to close the bag for good.

1:3 (10:12) (11:7) (9:11) (10:12)
Clube Duque de Caxias vs Sogipa Porto Alegre

13:45, 14.09.2019

The top Brazilian game between Sogipa Porto Alegre and Clube Duque de Caxias developed into a true fistball thriller. The two teams fought for every ball right from the start and showed impressive moves. Sogipa Porto Alegre won the tight first set 10-12. Clube Duque de Caxias then spun the second set and secured this set point. The third set was still exciting and Sogipa Porto Alegre could win again. Sogipa Porto Alegre showed further nerve strength in the 4th set which they could win with 10:12.
The ticket for the final goes to Sogipa Porto Alegre.
How close this match was, do show the total points Clube Duque de Caxias 40:42 Sogipa Porto Alegre.

3:0 (11:7) (12:10) (11:9)
TSV Dennach vs TSV Jona

15:00, 14.09.2019

Favorite victory for TSV Dennach. The German team won in 3 sets against the ladies of TSV Jona. Each set was highly competitive, but each time the women from TSV Dennach could achieve the last points and thus qualify for the final. Tomorrow at 14:30 the final between Sogipa Porto Alegre and TSV Dennach will take place.

3:1 (11:8) (11:6) (10:12) (15:13)
SG Novo Hamburgo vs Tigers Vöcklabruck

16:30, 14.09.2019

In the first men’s semi-final, SG Novo Hamburgo and the hosts from Tigers Vöcklabruck meet. SG Novo Hamburgo was able to break away at the beginning of the set. Tigers Vöcklabruck finds his way into the game and balances out. Novo Hamburgo does not let himself be put off and builds again a lead from which they can not be caught up to the end.
Just like in the first set, Novo Hamburgo could set itself apart due to a strong defensive performance and the super two-man attack of Gabriel Heck and Bruno Arnolds. This time, however, they were able to extend the lead until 10:5 and finally win clearly. 11:6 the second set ends for Novo Hamburgo.
In the third set the teams are equal up to 5:5. Then Novo Hamburgo can distance itself and expand to 9:5. Tigers Vöcklabruck comes back into the game. 10:10 it stands until the Tigers 12:10 can win due to two service mistakes by Gabriel Heck.
The fourth set starts like the third set. Novo Hamburgo is ahead until 9:5. Then the Tigers start a catch-up action and make it to 10:10. In the end, however, the men from Novo Hamburgo win and thus secure the final ticket.

3:0 (11:9) (11:9) (11:5)
TSV Pfungstadt vs Clube Duque de Caxias

17:45, 14.09.2019

The men from TSV Pfungstadt led by Patrick Thomas beat the Brazilian team Clube Duque de Caxias 3-0 with an impressive superiority.

TSV Pfungstadt plays in the final against Novo Hamburgo.
Clube Duque de Caxias will face the hosts Tigers Vöcklabruck in the game for third place.