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13. September 2019

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Game Results

3:0 (11:8) (12:10) (11:9)
Clube Duque de Caxias vs Union Haidlmaier S. Nußbach

10:00, 13.09.2019

Clube Duque de Caxias defeats the Union Hiadlmaier S. Nußbach team in a tight game. Union Haidlmaier S. Nußbach was nominated after another team dropped out.

3:0 (13:11) (11:6) (11:8)
TSV Calw vs Tigers SG Novo Hamburgo

10:00, 13.09.2019

The German team of the TSV Calw takes the victory sovereignly with a strong service performance.

3:0 (11:5) (11:8) (11:9)
Sogipa Porto Alegre vs SVD Diepoldsau-Schmitter

11:00, 13.09.2019

SVD Diepoldsau-Schmitter could improve in the course of the game, but nevertheless lost against Sogipa Porto Alegre clearly with 0:3.

3:1 (8:11) (11:6) (11:8) (11:7)
TSV Dennach vs TSV Jona

11:00, 13.09.2019

TSV Dennach was able to improve after being one set behind and finally won 3:1 against TSV Jona.

3:0 (11:5) (11:2) (11:6)
Clube Duque de Caxias vs FG Elgg-Ettenhausen

12:00, 13.09.2019

FG Elgg-Ettenhausen had difficulties finding his way into the game and could not put enough pressure on the setback and service at the beginning. Clube Duque de Caxias took the chance and played her game consistently. Mistakes in the service made it difficult for FG Elgg-Ettenhausen to catch up with the strong Brazilians. The game ends 3-0 Clube Duque de Caxias.

3:0 (11:6) (11:7) (11:5)
SG Novo Hamburgo vs STV Wigoltingen

12:00, 13.09.2019

SG Novo Hamburgo was very strong from the beginning and won the first set with 11:6. Both teams showed impressive rallies. The men from SG Novo Hamburgo were able to maintain concentration and clearly won the match in three sets.

3:0 (11:6) (11:3) (11:6)
TSV Pfungstadt vs TV Vaihingen

13:00, 13.09.2019

TSV Pfundstadt wins 3 to 0 against TV Vaihingen.
Despite the high error rate of TSV Pfundstadt in the first set, TV Vaihingen did not come close to them.

3:1 (11:3) (11:5) (6:11) (11:6)
Tigers Vöcklabruck vs CCAA Rosario

13:00, 13.09.2019

After two strong first sets by the Tigers Vöcklabruck, CCAA Rosario was able to fight back in the third set and clearly win this one. The fourth set went to strong Tigers Vöcklabruck again.

2:3 (13:11) (11:5) (8:11) (10:12) (9:11)
Union Haidlmair S. Nußbach vs SG Novo Hamburgo

14:15, 13.09.2019

In the game SG Novo Hamburgo against Union Nussbach the teams delivered themselves a balanced exchange of blows. Lead changes and exciting set finishs with a better end for Union Nussbach brought the 2-0 lead. But SG Novo Hamburgo did not give up, played constantly and could provide by changes in the attack for unrest in the Nussbacher defense. They equal from 2:2. It comes to the decision set in which SG Novo Hamburgo the nose has just in front and thus the game decides for itself.

3:0 (15:13) (11:9) (11:2)
TSV Jona vs SVD Diepoldsau-Schmitter

14:15, 13.09.2019

A very balanced game between TSV Jona and SVD Diepoldsau-Schmitter. In the last set TSV Jona was able to clearly stand out and finally win the Game.

0:3 (8:11) (9:11) (5:11)
TV Vaihingen/Enz vs CCAA Rosario

15:30, 13.09.2019

In the sixth round, the men’s team of CCAA Rosario clearly won 3:0 against TV Vaihingen/Enz. CCAA Rosario is therefore still in the tournament.

0:3 (4:11) (9:11) (14:15)
FG Elgg-Ettenhausen vs STV Wigoltingen

15:30, 13.09.2019

It’s also the final stop in the tournament for FG Elgg-Ettenhausen. They had to admit defeat on Center Court with 0:3 against STV Wigoltingen. In the last set, however, a true fistball thriller developed with 14:15.

3:0 (11:6) (11:2) (11:3)
Clube Duque de Caxias vs TSV Calw

16:45, 13.09.2019

Clube Duque de Caxias plays his way into the semi-finals with a masterstroke. They defeated the Calw team 3-0.

3:0 (11:8) (11:8) (12:10)
TSV Dennach vs Sogipa Porto Alegre

16:45, 13.09.2019

TSV Dennach defeats the Brazilian team Sogipa Porto Alegre 3-0 to qualify for the semi-finals.

3:0 (11:4) (11:6) (11:6)
TSV Pfungstadt vs Tigers Vöcklabruck

18:00, 13.09.2019

TSV Pfungstadt makes short work of the Tigers from Vöcklabruck. Patrick Thomas can score any points with a gloss performance. The result is a 3:0.

0:3 (11:13) (8:11) (10:12)
Clube Duque de Caxias vs Novo Hamburgo

18:00, 13.09.2019

On court two, an exchange of blows developed between Brazil. Novo Hamburgo beat Clube Duque de Caxias 3-0 in a thrilling game.